How to Grow a Pair & Train Your Clients

Co-Founder: Julie Cortés, Freelancers University

Wednesday, Jan. 4th: 9:30 – 11:30 AM

For some reason, many clients seem to think that they can dictate how you run your business. Whether it’s in reference to deposits and contracts or calling you at all hours of the night, it’s time to teach these folks what the industry standards are for freelancers! Just because you are self-employed doesn’t mean you don’t know how to run a business… and it certainly doesn’t mean that they can take advantage of you or walk all over you, either.

In this class, the Julie Cortés will help you establish company policies (such as rush and late fees), when to put your foot down (like when they haven’t paid and it’s been 4 months), what your legal rights are, and what to do when things go bad. Come, learn how to train your clients … and help us fight the good fight.

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