Laura Lake

VP Client & Interactive Services

Laura Lake, EAG

Laura has been involved in the interactive and traditional marketing industry since 1998. She brings a user-centered perspective to marketing that promotes mutual benefits for both businesses and consumers. Marketing is her passion. She is the author of Consumer Behavior for Dummies and marketing columnist for, a New York Times Company.

Laura attributes her success in the marketing world to her understanding of the challenges company face. She got her marketing chops the old fashioned way. She earned them. She has helped companies in the development of their marketing plans, understand their consumers, create a brand identity, assist in public relations, help in the utilization of internet marketing, social media and more. Her specialty is the development and creation of successful campaigns and strategies that utilize the knowledge of consumer behavior and turn those potential consumers into lifelong customers that increase the bottom line of businesses all over the world. She knows that effective marketing raises your bottom line revenues, lowers customer acquisition cost, increases customer retention and profitability.

Through years of experience in the marketing industry, she has helped thousands of business owners and marketing professionals with her down-to-earth writing, consulting and lectures. Her fresh perspective allows even small companies to benefit from marketing power without spending thousands of dollars.

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