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Let’s face it. Most creatives didn’t take business classes in school … probably because they weren’t required. But now, they’re out on their own, trying to figure it all out on their own.

Well, not anymore! At Freelancers University, you can master in the fine art of being self-employed. From business basics and marketing tips to software training and continuing education, discover all the little nuances it takes to start, run and succeed in the wonderful world of freelancing.

So, go ahead. Pick up where your formal education left off. And get schooled.

Tax Talk:

We recently sat down with our favorite CPA, Jeff Green, and interviewed him about all things taxes. Grab a cup of coffee. Sit back. And learn what you need to know for tax time.

Freelancers University Vlog – Tax Talk with Jeff Green, CPA from Nicholsandco on Vimeo.


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It seems to be quite the conundrum for freelancers about what to do when a client doesn’t pay. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it (because now I can help you!) – I’ve been in those shoes myself one too many times. For whatever reason, some clients seem to think they more »
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